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ElbowsMuay Thai

Muay Thai is the national sport of Thailand and hundreds of years old. It is among the most deadliest martial arts coming out of Asia. At Tankhead's core is traditional Muay Thai and our classes are partially based on training camps in Thailand. This means intense pad-work working on technique and cardio. Muay Thai as well as our pad-work consists of different kinds of punches, kicks, knees, and elbows.

Muay Thai also has a unique form of grappling called clinching that is vital to the sport. It involves controlling the upper body and then attacking your opponent with knees and throws. While many kick boxing schools might just teach the stand-up fighting from Muay Thai and not focus on the clinching, Tankhead teaches the wide range of clinching techniques.

MMAMixed Martial Arts

MMA has taken the fighting world by storm with its mix of ground and stand-up techniques. For our MMA, we focus on more than the average BJJ, we utilize techniques from many different styles - from Wing Chung to Capoeira. Our philosophy is to think outside the norm and truly be a dynamic fighter, one able to handle many different situations. Our teaching style is very different with lots of techniques taught every class, instead of focusing on the same move.


Boxing strikes are an important part of Muay Thai, but traditional boxing is a whole different animal. Our boxing classes are a lot of intense cardio - probably more than Muay Thai! We also like to focus on defense, footwork and head movement. We encourage sparring but also require full sparring gear (that goes for all of our classes. Safety of our members always comes first).

We often have pro-boxers and guest instructors from different professional boxing gyms around the country to fine tune our techniques.

ElbowsCardio Muay Thai

Our newest class is a lunch time, cardio Muay Thai class. We start promptly at 12 noon and don't stop until 1pm. It's perfect for those with busy schedules or anyone looking for an awesome work out on their lunch break. It is also more focused on Cardio than the other classes.

If you are interested in trying out Muay Thai as exercise and not for the fighting aspect, this is a good place to start! We also encourage our regular members to come to the lunch time class if they can't make one of the evening classes.

ElbowsKids' Sessions

Who doesn't want to see their kids grow up with confidence and coordination? Kids learn at such a faster rate than adults, we encourage building the skills they will need to succeed early. Discipline is at the core of martial arts and our classes. We teach them how to use self defense techniques and more importantly when to use them.

We don't put up with bullies in our class or outside of it, every one is an equal in the ring. We've seen kids gain more coordination from our classes, and with the coordination comes self confidence and self belief.

ElbowsWomen's Classes

At this time, we do not have a class that is strictly for women. However, ALL of our classes are open to women for whatever reason you want to train. If you would like to lose weight, we offer specialized weight loss programs.

Whether you want to just learn self-defense or really want to hone your fighting skills, we can tailor the work out to fit your needs. We have a number of women that already attend and they are always happy to have new training partners.


Team Building

We also offer Team Building Seminars for offices, church groups, schools or anyone who is interested in getting a crash course into the Thai Boxing world. We focus on important basic skills as well as the Thai culture of respect and self-control. It's a great way to work out any issues within groups as well as gaining mutual respect -- while having a lot of fun! Email us for details and a schedule breakdown.

Close Combat TechniquesPersonal & Group Training

Tankhead also offers private classes for those interested in advancing quickly or those who prefer one-on-one training.

These private sessions focus a lot on perfecting students' techniques, be it in Muay Thai, MMA, boxing or close combat fighting. The added benefits to private training are increased stamia, improved performance, lower blood pressure and cholesterol and of course, weight loss. Private sessions can be with any of our trainers for anyone interested. We can also do private sessions in groups of 2 - 4 people. Prices range from $45 dollars up per session.

For inquiries of all kinds, please feel free to Email Us